“The idea for the HINDU DEITIES came to me and I decided to make them as visual reminders, that light and joy can be attained and cultivated. That life unfolds and by making a conscious choice of taking FULL responsibility of me and my actions, I can evolve and unfold with it – which is truly the life I want to live.”
- Lauritz Hansen /Creator


Research was a key factor to obtain the knowledge, that was necessary to create the HINDU DEITIES.

In the process of creating the illustrations, Lauritz tapped into the energy and wisdom behind each one of the Hindu Deities, to channel the right mood and feeling of each of them.

Each of the HINDU DEITIES is made by hand with a modern Japanese styled brush-pen, black ink and channeled energy to obtain high precision and style. In the end the illustrations were digitally scanned and finished on computer.


We care about our environment, and try to take part in the solution, which is why all HINDU DEITIES’ prints are printed on 100% recycled and chlorine-free paper – marked with both the nordic environmental certificate “Svanemærket” and the european Ecolabel “The Flower”, “Blomsten” in Danish.

Because the paper is recycled, tiny dots and grains may occur on the paper.

Made, with care, in Denmark.


Paper easily gets smudged or damaged, which is why all prints are handled with care, so what you receive is fresh and clean.

Each B2 poster are neatly rolled, wrapped and put into a hard, 100% recycled, cardboard tube – easy for you to withdraw.

A4, A5 and A6 prints are placed in clear cellophane bags and put in C4 hardback envelopes – easy to slide into the light.