In Ancient Hindu Tradition, Deities are seen as aspects of oneself and A path to inner Spiritual Esoteric Guidance, Knowledge, Wisdom and Enlightenment.


To celebrate, acknowledge and most important of all, pass on Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom from Ancient Hindu Tradition, by providing modern man, woman and home with genuine, respectfully designed art prints which visually communicates Hindu Wisdom.


Each design is originally handmade with brush-pen, black ink & channeled energy by Danish Artist & Designer LZHN | Lauritz Hansen. Before the actual creation of each design, the right energy and mood of each Deity was accumulated, to represent the right symbolism and guidance.


Printed on 100% recycled paper marked with the Nordic Environmental certificate 'Svanemærket' and EU's Ecolabel 'The Flower'. Because the paper is recycled, tiny dots/grains may occur on the paper.

Made with love in Denmark